25 May 2016

Production increased on ONAL

The ONAL production centre in Gabon, managed by TVA Group for Maurel & Prom, continues to improve its productivity. The professionalism of our 7 on-site employees has thus produced two recent changes: the doubling of the oily water treatment capacities and the increase in the water injection capacity, at the end of May.

17 February 2016

Visit of Mr. Hénin from Maurel & Prom

Mr Jean-François Hénin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Maurel & Prom, paid us a visit this week. M&P is an independent oil company specialized in the extraction of oil and gas. M&P is quoted on the Euronext stock exchange and is very active in Africa, mainly in Nigeria, Gabon and Tanzania. The Group has worked with Maurel & Prom for more than ten years, notably on the ONAL site.

Antoine Tran Van, PDG de TVA Group, et Jean-François Hénin, Président du Conseil d'Administration de Maurel & Prom

10 October 2015

Maurel&Prom: ONAL production centre activity

Over the past few months, there has been significant commissioning activity in Gabon. Our teams worked in alternating 4-6 week periods between mid-April and the end of June, to commission and provided assistance in starting up the ONAL production centre and P-106 W water production platform.

Un employé TVA sur le champ ONAL (Gabon)

The highlight of the period was when the production centre was shut down in order to connect the pipelines from train B to the existing facility and to load the new program onto the production centre’s machinery.

These operations were carried out on 15 June and were a total success. The site was able to resume operations on 16 June at 5:30 a.m. A new commissioning assignment is currently underway to switch some production platforms to the 20 kV network.

Engineering works related to phase V.1 “Increasing Electricity Generation” follow the construction plan for 2016.

The ONAL onshore production centre is located 80 km south of Lambarene and 170 km east of Port-Gentil.