Our Key Markets

Initially active in the Oil and Gas engineering sector, TVA Group has been able to bring its expertise to other demanding industrial engineering sectors that require technical skill, organisation, and responsiveness.

Although our customers are engineering firms and industrial groups in France, end customers and their facilities are mainly located abroad. On an international level, TVA Group’s independence and adaptability allow us to periodically refine our positioning while remaining true to our identity.

  • petrole

    Oil and Gas

    • Production platforms
    • Refineries
    • Gas liquefaction units
  • electricite

    Power Generation/Distribution

    • Thermal power plant
    • Combined cycle power plants
    • Household waste incineration plants
  • traitement-eaux

    Water and Waste Treatment

    • Purification plants
    • Seawater desalination units
    • Industrial waste treatment units
  • pharmacie


    • Production centres