We provide the technical skills you need for your projects through four possible forms of collaboration:

Turnkey contracts

We conduct engineering studies, supply and install equipment, run tests, and commission your equipment. As the project manager or assistant project manager, we can complete multimillion euro projects in your name.


Our employees can serve on your project teams on-site, which speeds up the flow of information, helps track progress more accurately, and adds flexibility to task assignments.


We use our resources to conduct your studies based on specifications, a budget, and a schedule.

With the studies we perform, you can consult equipment suppliers and local engineering and construction companies.

We can offer about 50,000 hours of study time per year. We can double this nominal capacity with our network of partners in France and abroad.

With a clearly defined scope of work and responsibility, this type of collaboration does not require you to provide hardware resources (office space, PCs, etc.).


Our experts (with a minimum of 20 years of engineering experience) take part in your feasibility studies, preliminary studies, and estimates. They provide a fresh perspective and offer technical solutions that make the best use of your project financing.

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