31 January 2018

ETAP 16.2 software training

From 16 to 19 January, four staff from TVA Engineering attended a 4-day training session on the ETAP Power Station 16.2 software delivered by the ETAP Automation France training body. The software is used to design HV/LV electrical installations. 

This training initiative reflects TVA Engineering’s desire to develop not only the competences of its electricity department but also its staff’s skills. For TVA Engineering, staff training is essential to ensuring its long-term competitiveness.

05 October 2017

Congratulations Nicolas Hochard!

Nicolas Hochard, diplôme d'Ingénieur Systèmes Électriques EPRM – Électronique de Puissance Réseaux et Motorisation au CNAM, TVA EngineeringWe would especially like to congratulate Nicolas Hochard for his diploma in Electrical Power Systems Engineering EPRM – Network Power Electronics and Motorisation, with distinction, on 28 September 2017.

You may already know that this training course is registered with the RNCP, (the French Directory of Professional Certification), and dispensed by the CNAM (the French Conservatory of Arts and Crafts), in partnership with the school “Arts and Crafts ParisTech”. The aim is to “train engineers capable of designing and implementing electric technology for tomorrow, in response to major developments in energy production, transport and consumption, while integrating environmental  and energy efficiency”.

Remember that Nicolas joined TVA Engineering on 22 September 2014 as an apprentice engineer. Despite many upheavals encountered by the firm during this period, Nicolas managed to adapt by absorbing as much of his tutors’ experience as possible and thereby acquiring the level of design studio electrical engineer. We are delighted today to extend our congratulations for his latest promotion to Electrics Engineer on 25 September 2017, after three years’ training. We hope he enjoys a long career with TVA Engineering.

Nicolas is a shining example of smooth integration, demonstrating once again that TVA Engineering has the capacity to train staff in its core lines of business: electricity, instrumentation, controls, automation, general installations and pipe fittings. We hope that this experience will continue to set an example in the near future. Because this is another facet of the “TVA spirit”!

29 March 2016

Clic & Power: Careers Exhibition

On Thursday, 24 March, TVA Group was present at the 8th edition of the Clic & Power: Careers Exhibition for the Energy Industry in Paris. Represented by Daniel Tasteyre, Thomas Robin and Zineb Kamar, TVA Group profited from exposure at this exhibition to reinforce its prominence with professionals in this sector and to expand its recruiting network so as to satisfy our clients who are always looking for more and more qualified profiles.

TVA Group au Salon de l'énergie

20 October 2015

Interview with an Instrumentation Engineer

Victor Das Neves joined TVA in 1992 and now has been working for the company longer than anyone else within the group. Twenty-three years later, he is still here, with about 15 customer assignments under his belt. He spent 36 months at TECHNIP on the Pelude-FLNG project, relating to a floating natural gas liquefaction unit, where he served as Coordinator with the main automation supplier (system and small implementation). Victor recently started a new assignment at HEURTEY Petrochem in Vincennes.

Victor Das Neves TVA Group

What is your current role at HEURTEY Petrochem ?

‘I am an Instrumentation Engineer. It’s a fairly broad field, and my expertise focuses more on the equipment and instruments than on the control system. HEURTEY Petrochem specialises in the supply of industrial ovens. I am in charge of writing specifications and carrying the after-order monitoring of all the instrumentation to ensure lighting, operation, and safety, if necessary.’

When you are not on assignment with a customer, what do you do?

‘That doesn’t happen very often, but the few times it has in my 23 years with TVA, I worked in the Engineering Office to provide on-the-fly assistance, particularly in the selection of materials.’

After 23 years with TVA Group, how do you feel about your company?

‘This is a group that has grown with me. At first, we had about twenty people, and now, we have about 150. It’s more difficult now, but really, that’s what I appreciate right now, that we stick together. We have already been through some hard times. I am proud to be part of this company.’

With your expertise and your experience, you must have had other opportunities. Why have you chosen to stay with TVA?

‘If I stayed with TVA, it is because everything is clear here. There is a close relationship that exists with management, which you don’t necessarily find at other companies. With a direct relationship, there isn’t so much of a chain of command. Also, I appreciate the company’s transparency and accessibility.’

How do you see your role as an ambassador of TVA Group to your customers?

‘I represent and honour my company through the quality of my work and my seniority. I help to place colleagues, but that is not always obvious. A lot depends on the character of each person, and it’s not my primary job.’

Thanks to Victor Das Neves for his availability and honest responses. We look forward to many more years of working with him.