Message from the CEO


We recognise that our success comes primarily from the expertise of men and women working hand in hand. That’s why we hire and continually foster the most advanced skills. The personal and professional development of each of our employees is how we measure success at TVA.

Like our offices, our company is people-friendly, dynamic, and modern, and we encourage lively social dialogue. Project management is central to our company. Through mutual emulation and enrichment, we can provide the best possible solutions to suit the expectations of our customers.




Ambition has driven our progress since 1988. It motivates us to constantly seek new challenges. Our group’s maturity attracts us to increasingly more ambitious projects that offer opportunities for personal career growth.


Through confidence, we can take on challenges with peace of mind. What binds us together is the assurance of a long and fruitful relationship. Serving our customers encourages us to give the best we have to give.


With perseverance, we have reached new markets, succeeded in complex projects, and been recognised by the profession. As a result, our employees enjoy more rewarding assignments and roles.


We take the human dimension into account when building our project teams. This means respecting our commitments to our customers and partners.

Sense of responsibility:

Each and every one of us is responsible for the success of our group and our projects.