Founded in 1988 by Antoine Tran Van, TVA Group is an industrial engineering company with a hundred employees, based in Antony, in the southern part of Hauts-de-Seine (92). We are a financially independent group owned exclusively by our own employees. Our key markets are the oil and gas, water and waste treatment, pharmaceuticals, and power generation and distribution sectors.

TVA Group has worked internationally through contributions to many industrial projects over a course of twenty years, including projects in Mexico, Gabon, the Ivory Coast, Algeria, and of course France. TVA Group’s business focuses on two key divisions: engineering (60%) and technical assistance (40%).

Technical assistance spans four main areas: electricity and automation, instrumentation and control systems, piping and general installation, and project management. Our employees are assigned to our customers based on their needs and in accordance with a predefined contract.

Our engineering office currently works 80,000 hours annually and aims to soon reach 100,000 hours annually. The main advantage it offers is its ability to optimise the use of available resources through inter-contracts with Technical Assistance, offering about thirty skill areas.

Between assignments, our engineers and technical assistance technicians contribute to ongoing projects at our engineering office. They can offer a fresh perspective based on the experience they recently gained from working with our customers. The engineering office is continuously progressing, which allows us to remain in line with the latest market requirements and support our teams more effectively.

For technical assistance teams, this is also an opportunity to attend skills training and other training courses, a break that is essential in strengthening our organisation.

TVA Group can help at all stages of an industrial project, including feasibility studies, testing, start-up, encryption, design, detailed studies and planning, purchasing, and construction.

Fully aware of the risks inherent to our business areas, TVA Group is committed to protecting the health and safety of all our staff, both in our offices and outside the company.

Both individually and collectively, we work better together to secure the future and further develop TVA Group.

  • 1st August 1988: Creation of TVA Instrumentation / Sole proprietorship  Electrical company
  • 1989 : Creation of TVA Engineering Ltd - Design office for Instrumentation / Electrical Systems
  • 1991 : TVA Engineering becomes a PLC
  • 2002 : Creation of HCL Ltd – Specialised in Pipework/Installation
  • 2002 : Beginning of partnership with VAM in Viet-Nam
  • 2006 : Creation of TVA Consulting Ltd – Industrial consulting – All engineering disciplines
  • 2007 : Creation of TVA Invest (holdings)
  • 2007 : Creation of agency in Normandy of TVA Consulting Ltd
  • November 2012: Creation of branch of TVA Engineering in Gabon