08 June 2018

EPC entrusted by SARA : a success

TVA Engineering was contracted by SARA (Société Anonyme de la Raffinerie des Antilles) in Martinique for two EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) :

  • Adaptation of a hydrogen cell for connection to the SARA electrical grid,
  • Replacement of the main High-Voltage switchgear for Electrical Substation n°1.

SARA acquired a hydrogen cell. Before installing it definitively on its oil depot in Guyana, SARA wanted to test this equipment on its electrical network at the Martinique Refinery.

As part of this contract, TVA Engineering has specified, supplied and installed two specific transformers and two high voltage electrical cubicles.

Installation work was carried out between November and December 2017, for operational tests on the SARA electrical network in January 2018. The tests were compliant.

Following this success, SARA decided to supply a new hydrogen cell.

The Substation 1 High-Voltage switchgear existed since the seventies and was getting obsolete. TVA Engineering’s mission was to specify, supply and install a new switchgear.

Work began in October 2017 and the first part of the switchgear was commissioned in December 2017.

During this timeframe, TVA Engineering highlighted the risks of the refinery’s production shutdown due to the electricity grid management.

SARA therefore decided to wait until the 2018 Shutdown to replace the second and last part of this switchgear under the best conditions.

This switchgear, essential for the production of SARA, was put into service and delivered to operation on March 23rd, 2018, before the end of the scheduled shutdown.

Photo de fin des travaux


TVA Engineering also provided operating training to SARA agents for the new switchgear.

Photo lors de la formation d'exploitation


During these two operations, TVA Engineering demonstrated its rigor and ability to meet deadlines, while ensuring flexibility appreciated by the client.

08 February 2018

Production of an as-built drawing for VINCI Environnement

VINCI Environnement has entrusted TVA Engineering with the production of an “As-Built Drawing” for the electricity section of its energy recovery centre in Cornwall, England.

The CERC is able to recover up to 240,000 tons of non-recyclable residual waste per year, enabling the generation of 184,000 MWh of energy per year. Completed in January 2016, the CERC spans more than 15,000 m².

Work was carried out on site at the end of 2017, enabling the cabinet wiring diagrams to be updated in the engineering and design department. This work will soon be expanded to include new readings on site in order to suggest recommendations for optimization of the components of the electrical cabinets and lighting system.

02 February 2018

Work continues on the SARA EPC

Last October, we began work to replace the main high-voltage switchgear for substation 1 of the SARA (Société Anonyme de Raffinerie des Antilles) in Martinique.

This replacement is being carried out live, with the station’s dependent units continuing to operate during the works. So far, the first part of the board has been installed and powered up. The works are scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2018.

The SARA is 71% owned by the company Rubis and owns a refinery in Martinique, as well as hydrocarbon depots in Jarry, Guadeloupe, and Kourou and Dégrad des Cannes in French Guiana.

Montage du nouveau tableau (tableau blanc) pendant que l’ancien tableau (tableau vert) demeure en fonctionnement.

31 January 2018

ETAP 16.2 software training

From 16 to 19 January, four staff from TVA Engineering attended a 4-day training session on the ETAP Power Station 16.2 software delivered by the ETAP Automation France training body. The software is used to design HV/LV electrical installations. 

This training initiative reflects TVA Engineering’s desire to develop not only the competences of its electricity department but also its staff’s skills. For TVA Engineering, staff training is essential to ensuring its long-term competitiveness.

26 January 2018

TVA Engineering continues its work with Perenco in Gabon

At the end of last year, one of our existing clients, Perenco, commissioned us to carry out detailed electricity studies related to the use of Gabon East OroVinyare’s offshore zone, which Perenco acquired rights to in 2012.

Perenco operates nine oil fields in Gabon, six offshore and three onshore, which makes the Franco-British operator Gabon’s top oil producer in Gabon, producing almost 100,000 barrels a day.

This initiative reflects Perenco’s ongoing desire to work with TVA Engineering, despite the currently uncertain climate in the oil and gas industry.

19 January 2018

The ONAL power station enters the reliability phase

On behalf of Maurel & Prom, TVA Engineering carried out the “construction and fit-out” studies for its project to increase electricity production at the ONAL power plant in Ezanga, Gabon.

These studies were completed in July 2017 and TVA Engineering was then entrusted with completion of commissioning operations, setting up a dozen contractors at the site.

After more than four months of commissioning and tests, Maurel & Prom’s new plant began production on 3 December 2017 and is currently in the reliability phase.