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TVA Group 25 years of industrial engineering

Since 1988, TVA Group (TVA Engineering and TVA Consulting) has provided optimal solutions and custom-tailored services to suit your needs.

Our key advantages include our experience in industrial engineering, the professionalism exhibited by our consultants when working on site, and the expertise of our engineering office.

Project complexity leads to increasingly daring timelines, and without a doubt, an understanding of the practices and expectations of each and every customer fuels success. TVA Group strives to forge lasting relationships through long-term partnerships with its Customers in order to meet their requirements in terms of safety, quality control, resources, scheduling, and budget.

To achieve this, TVA Group has been awarded the ISO 9001 certification by the LRQA.

We at TVA Group value the workplace health and safety of our employees and customers, whether in our offices, at a customer site, in the factory, or on site. TVA Group is committed to our goal of zero accidents.

Our priority is to help you succeed.

Nos dernières offres d'emploi

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Projeteur en Tuyauterie MICROSTATION (H/F) CDI Voir l'offre
Projeteur Installations Industrielles AUTOCAD 3D (H/F) CDI Voir l'offre
Technicien bureau d'études en Electricité (H/F) CDI Voir l'offre
Projeteur en Electricité (H/F) CDI Voir l'offre

Key Figures :


This is the group’s total revenue (in millions of euros) in 2014, which reflects a 14% increase in turnover, compared to last year.


The number of employees who have been with TVA Group for more than 10 years.


These are the number of hours worked by the TVA Group in 2014 through its work at the Antony Engineering Office.


Percentage of the group made up of women. Due to the technical training required, our business is highly represented by men.